Why Us?

  • We Get It- we understand why you enjoy the outdoors and we want all our clients to have some great experiences like we have!
  • Experience- we have the relevant Awards from the National Governing Bodies and have experience of working at many different centres. We are also one of only three ABMG certified guides in Ireland
  • Safety First- we understand that risk is part of the reason people enjoy the outdoors. We accept the risk but do our utmost to ensure it has been assessed and is suitably managed. Our instructors carry all the relevant safety equipment and are suitably covered for all activities.
  • Its Our Local- we respect the environment we take you into as it is our playground too. We ensure all our courses are run in a manner that is courteous to other users and also minimises the impact on the environment. We also encourage the use of local businesses on our courses and work alongside other Tourism Promoters in the area.
  • Bottom Line- Hopefully you’ll agree we’ve taken the steps to ensure your course is legitimate, fun, safe and sustainable.