Urge All M Helmet Review

They say a helmet should be replaced after five years, a few dents didn’t help matters and maybe it should have seen the skip sooner. The old Urge all m had been my go to helmet for a few years now. The full face and piss pot took a back seat now I wasn’t doing as much push up, nail it back down stuff and doing more pedalling to the top. 

With so many trail style helmets on the market, a wee trip to Chain Reaction was called for to see what was out there. It didn’t take long to confirm that urge helmets just seem to fit my head. I felt slightly guilty just using CRC to try stuff on, but I’ve probably spent thousands on the site over the years so they’re just returning favour. 

So I managed to sort myself out with a new Urge All m in matte red. The new colour schemes are a huge improvement. Just make them look a bit more slimline. 

red urge all m
Out with the old, in with the new

So as I’ve said before this helmet just fits. There is no real adjustment other than padding so if it’s a good fit you’re onto a winner. The ventilation is great, such a nice open helmet. Some kids even thought the helmet had inbuilt speakers due to the not so normal vent design. 

The fit with goggles and glasses on is spot on. I run Oakley o frame goggles and flak jacket glasses and they fit perfect. No issues with the goggles pushing the helmet up. 

Some people don’t like the look of urge helmets but I like the unique look about them. The only down side I can think of is its often difficult to get my goggles sitting nicely when they aren’t on my face, but let’s be honest they’re just as well hanging round your neck!