Five Ten Impact vxi review

So, I’ve had these for nearly a year now and it’s time to update the review.

Overall it’s a mixed bag of feelings for these. I wore the old ones today just to remind me what they were like and it reminded me of how good they were.


The new Impacts are a pretty well thought out pair of shoes and a lot different form the originals, however having worn them for a year I don’t really think they’re a huge improvement over the previous model. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a brilliant pair of shoes and still one of the best on the market with a lot going for them but I just feel they’ve lost what made five tens so good- comfort, support and durability.


• Light- these are a lot lighter than the original and its noticeable when you’ve them on all day
• Grippy- they seem to be slightly grippier than the previous ones i.e. They stick like nothing else
• Quick drying
• Hard wearing uppers, the uppers hardly look marked so far


• Don’t drain well. As there isn’t a gusset on the tongue they fill up with water pretty easily. Once full they don’t drain well and with less padding in them don’t keep your feet as warm as the previous version.
• They aren’t very comfortable for walking about in all day. Sessioning or digging leaves my feet sore.
• Sole isn’t hardwearing. Already these are showing significant wear on the soles unlike the old ones which lasted years.
• Sweaty- in the limited heat we get these get very sweaty and don’t breathe well in the slightest.

Sole wear not as good as predecessor
Sole wear not as good as predecessor

So basically there are some small niggles. Overall they seem a more refined shoe than their predecessor but that bulk of the old shoe gives you a lot of support, especially for those foot flat out scenarios where running flats comes in to its own.

Overall they are still a brilliant shoe and should definitely be on your list of potentials. If I were buying again, I’d probably go with the previous version, but who knows what’s in the pipeline!